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UV/LED Scotch Base PNB hot
  • UV/LED Scotch Base PNB
  • UV/LED Scotch Base PNB
  • UV/LED Scotch Base PNB
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UV/LED Scotch Base PNB

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  • Type: Базы
  • Capacity: 8 ml
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UV/LED Scotch Base PNB is a revolutionary development of PNB technologists. It is a unique base with completely acid-free composition and at the same time holds like cement! It took 2 years of testing to develop this base - thousands of happy women with healthy nails and long-term coating without chips. Thanks to the newly developed formula, the base is the ideal "foundation" for a long-lasting coating, especially on thin and problem nails.

The acid-free formula allows you to apply the base under absolutely all hard materials: Builder, IQ and POLYFLEX Gels, while enhancing the adhesion of the materials to the nail plate. Indispensable in the restoration of damaged corners. The base allows you to make sawdust with a milling cutter or a file to improve the shape.

An ideal solution for taking a break from colored coatings and for strengthening your natural nails.


  • For the thinnest and most problematic nails
  • Super strong adhesion
  • 3+ weeks without chips or cracks
  • 12-free safe composition
  • Universal
  • It has excellent self-leveling
  • It has a medium viscosity and medium thick consistency, which will allow you to easily achieve ''perfect highlights''
  • It does not flow into nail folds
  • Perfectly holds the thinnest nail plate in the strengthening technique, both with a colored coating and with a coating only with a top.
  • Restoration of damaged corners
  • Holds stickers and stones
  • It does not give yellowness
  • Perfect in work


  1. Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
  2. Apply auxiliary liquids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control on the whole nail plate.
  3. Apply Scotch Base PNB. Polymerization of the material - 90 sec.
  4. Remove the dispersion layer with Nail Prep.
  5. Apply color gel polish in 1-2 coats. Polymerization of the material 60 sec.
  6. Cover nail with PNB top.


Polymerization time in a 48-watt lamp is 90 sec.

When aligning on a thin nail plate, we recommend using the LOW HEAT MODE.

When aligning with the base on a healthy and not thinned nail plate, heat is minimal.

* Technique with water based sticker:

Apply UV / LED Scotch Base PNB on the dried color coating, dry for 4 seconds in a 48 Watt PNB LED lamp. At the 4th second, we take out the hand and apply the sticker, dry it in a LED lamp for 60 seconds. Then we take out the hand with the design and again make a thin layer of UV / LED Scotch Base PNB, dry in the lamp and cover with the PNB top.

The revolutionary development for the most problematic nails!

Tested on over 2000 women

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